Monday, October 14, 2013

The Beginnings.

So. We begin.

Every start has an end right? A true purpose. A calling if you will. If there wasn't a calling, a purpose, or an end, why would there be a start? We all have a greater good to do on this planet, and I have a special interest. So why not make my special interest tie into my good for this earth?

I purchased a Coonan 1911 from a buddy in Dallas, Tx, a couple of months back. I have babied it. I have fed it oil. I have cared for it like I would my daughter. I realize that this firearm is a unicorn for most. It is un-achieveable. It is too expensive. It is too hard to come by.

I own one. Now what the hell can I do with it.

Today I decided this pistol is going to go on a journey. Today I decided this pistol is going to help people. Today I decided I am going to do something with the things I have been given.

Tomorrow, I will be heading over to a shooting range near a location I work to see if they care to rent this pistol.

I am the one deciding fees. I am the one who will be charging. I will be charging for one reason only. All range rental fees applied to this firearm will be donated to the charity of my choice.

This is the charity of my choice.

I will receive nothing from this venture other then a worn pistol. I gain nothing from this other than to help my fellow veterans. I wish to see this pistol fly from Florida to California one day. I wish for this pistol to get so much use that Coonan Industries itself has a problem supplying parts keeping it running.

I wish that this small act will be received among the rental ranges across the U.S.A. I wish to give what I can to my brothers and sisters in the United States Armed Forces. I hope this pistol comes into your hand, and I hope you shoot it straight. I hope you smile as much as I did the first time I fired one. I hope you smile more knowing that you are helping your countrymen.

Any ranges interested in this venture can reach me through this blog, or at

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