Saturday, October 26, 2013

It has been a slow but busy week.

Just a brief update on the people and places that have Partnered themselves with this project in minor and major ways. Here we go ladies and gents.

First off, a heartfelt thank you to Coonan for offering to help with the firearm maintenance.

Secondly, a milestone has been overcome. We officially have the first range to offer a donation.

Shiloh shooting range in Houston Texas has offered to make the first donation for this project. This is the first hurdle of many to get this project moving. They have a radio show on KSEV 700 out of Houston between 5-7PM (central). I will be announcing this project over the air sometime on my drive back to work tomorrow. If Andrew from Longview calls in, you get to hear my majestic voice. I suggest you guys listen online if you have the opportunity, and call in as well. The show is pretty lighthearted, and they have pretty knowledgeable guys running the show.

Thank you Jeff for starting everything up.

Coming in third, but only adding to the momentum of this project is The Gun Doctor in Longview, Texas. The owner said he would gladly waive transfer fees while this project is active. As most of you know, this project was set to be all out of pocket for me, so not having to pay to get my pistol back each time it goes out is a financial burden they have removed from me.

Thanks guys!

The south Texas gunnit meetup is going to be the first chance to shoot the Coonan for charity. The first round/magazine will be auctioned off, and the winner will be proudly displayed as the first individual to donate to this cause. Sorry gunnit, but shiloh shooting range beat you.

And last but not least, Rich from has offered to give this project a shout out in one of his videos. That is a huge help for getting visibility to this project. Rich has a pretty cool project going on as well that I think could use a couple extra eyes on it. Tired of being in an ammo crunch? Then check this out.

Any further updates I will pass along, but as far as that stands, we are at a standstill.

Please call you local rent ranges and explain to them your interest in this project. We will see if I can get a coonan to your range.

Any and all inquiries can be answered at

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