Thursday, January 23, 2014

Apologies for the delays ladies and gentlemen.

Holidays happen to the best of us. Family and work caught up with me while I wasn't paying attention.

The Coonan is back in my hands, but is about to start a road trip of its own. Before I get into the details of this trip, I would like to thank a couple of redditors that have helped this process come to fruition.

/u/Deutscher_Aggie has been a keystone in this process. He has helped contact with Coonan Inc in a way that I could not have done. This was instrumental in starting this project, as we now have the support of the Coonan company Family in our efforts.

/u/Szalkow ran the first Gunnit meetup with the Coonan present. Weird pictures were taken, to include a redditor licking the magazine. It has been bleached, don't worry.

The mod team on /r/guns for putting up with this project, and specifically two mods that are donating their time an effort to move it forward.

Lastly, Coonan Inc. If you have never had the pleasure to talk to the operators of this company, I would strongly suggest you give them a hearty hello, and thank them for being part of this venture. They did not have to offer anything for this, but they have given their best to promote us. Hats off to them.

Tomorrow, the Coonan will be shipped to Oklahoma, for a meet and greet with - YouTube for a review, then off to Washington for a photo op. Hopefully from there, it will be moving to Colorado for our first time as a range rental. This is the moment we have been prepping for guys.

Open your wallets and your hearts guys. Don't be selfish to others, and try to put your best foot forward in all the things you do. Without the team I have halfassed assembled, none of this would be possible.